The Fight


Author: timeladyofletters

Reader Gender: Any

Word Count: 2,588

Warnings: None


- Now -

You were crouched on the landing at the top of the stairs, your gun clutched in your hands. Because of the cast on your leg, you couldn’t run, so Sam had carried you and set you down where you were now while he scoped out the situation. The two of you were hesitant to split up, but you agreed that he could move faster and swifter without carrying you around, and being so high up put you at a good vantage point above everything else. From your perch, you had a visual on the entire central area of the bunker, so hopefully you would be able to see an attack before it happened.

The bunker was quiet, apart from your heavy breathing and your heart hammering in your chest. Suddenly you heard the very faint sound of footsteps approaching from one of the hallways, headed towards you. Then a voice broke the silence.

“Y/N? Sammy? I know there’s someone close by. C’mon, let’s talk about this, huh?”

That voice only made your heart beat even louder, and you were almost sure that he could hear it. A few seconds later, Dean appeared, gun at the ready. You did your best to keep still and quiet as you aimed at him. He looked around the area, and then his green eyes lifted up, finding your own. A sly smile crept onto this face as he mirrored your actions, raising his weapon to you.

“Hey baby.” he taunted. “Whatcha doin’ all the way up there? Alone? With no way to escape?” He stepped closer and closer. “Sorry sweetheart, but I ain’t gonna go easy on you. Hope you understand.” Then he pulled the trigger.

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Anonymous asked:

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that your newest drawing of Cas inspired me to draw him too, and I've been trying really hard for a long time to find what style I like best for drawing humans and stuff, and the style that it came out as seems perfect for me, and a lot of people on deviantart really liked it. So thanks, I just felt that you helped with that a lot.

prinzik answered:



idk for the longest time i couldn’t draw cas or dean because of their hAIR. so if i didnt have that break through with the dog dean chibi, i would’ve never gone on to draw fan art /laughs




Let me tell you that COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! *throws confetti*

Many people have asked me about them so here I am opening them again~

Full price charts: Dolar $ / Euro €


  • I can draw Slash, Yaoi, Yuri, Hetero, etc.
  • I can draw OCs buuuuuuuuuut I use to procrastinate them a LOT. I’ll try to avoid them as much as I can, keep this in mind. OC+Fanart are more negotiable (Ex: “I want a picture of me as a companion of the Doctor”)
  • I can draw naked people, and certain level of porn, but not explicit and of course without genitals. So… keep it clean. No sexual furry, or mpreg, sorry, I just can’t stand them :/
  • I have many chibi/cartoon/anime styles and can adopt others too. If you want a specific one just tell me, it’s negotiable.
  • The price may range depending on the complexity of the character. It’s not the same drawing Sherlock than drawing Ironman. I’m not good with backgrounds and vehicles, but if you really want them you will have to pay more.
  • Sometimes I can get big art blocks on certain commissions, like everybody else.


  • Send me your order to my e-mail (tsuki.nekota@gmail.com) The message will be notified to my phone inmediately. 
  • I accept Paypal only, It’s attached to the same  e-mail

How to send money ]

  • You must pay 50% of the price after I accept your order and the other 50% after receiving the final product.
  • You must put all the information in your e-mail: Characters, show, pose, style, references, etc. If it’s from a show I already know you don’t need to send pictures.
  • You will be given a number, it’s like a ticket number. I give one number per picture commissioned. (Ex: “Your number is #17. Actually working on #14”)
  • You will receive the final work with the highest resolution possible and without watermark, but If you post it anywhere you have to credit me. I can post your commission if I want, I still have the rights of the picture.
  • If the picture requested is a birthday gift or something with a due date I recommend you to tell me with anticipation. Certain commissions can take longer but if I know this beforehand I’ll do my best to finish it before the due date.

I think that’s all. Have a nice day~ `)☂